Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Before you go any further, please read this page if you have not already (or if you have not read it for a while; it might have changed! Last update 22/10/2010).

My handle here is IMD, from my username imustdiminish, which is explained elsewhere. The purpose of this blog is for me to (hopefully) record my progress in losing weight, as well as for me to write about my relationship with food, being fat, slimming etc. If you want to see only one type of post, for example all my reflections or all my food and exercise diaries, use the ‘Categories’ menu at the top-right.

Clue to the origin of IMD's username 'imustdiminish' on his weight loss blog.

Titian's John the Baptist and Cate Blanchett's Galadriel

Feel free to follow my progress, join in the conversation, ask questions, offer help, advice, support, criticism, analysis, challenge etc. However, if you somehow found your way here to mock or make fun, you are not welcome; leave your comment and move on, it will be deleted shortly.

Finally, if you know who I am, please do not leave anything here that will identify me.  Nor tell anyone else that this is my blog. I would like the blog to remain anonymous. If I have told you I am keeping it and where to find it, it is because I value your friendship and want you to see it. I also trust you not to tell anyone else that this is my blog. If you want to recommend it to someone else, please only do so if I do not know them or if they definitely will not identify me from references to my life which I will probably make freely.

At the same time, if you are shocked, surprised, confused, offended or find your opinion of me sliding rapidly downwards because of anything that you find here, please try to remember that I am a human being like any other and I never tried to claim otherwise. If this is going to be any help to me (and hopefully to others) then I need to be free to bare as much as I dare (metaphorically) and be honest about my journey to and beyond this point. Thank you all.

Now what are you waiting for? Click on Blog to see my latest post, or choose one of the categories at the top right. No, not there, that’s the blog’s subtitle. Look just under the picture. Now you’re getti- oh. You’ve gone.

Update 22 October 2010: It’s getting very silly very quickly guys!

I was reading blogs and writing an article (including making cute pictures) until 2am last night. I’m doing it because I enjoy it and find it useful, but staying up late is one of the things that drives my overeating! So I think I’m going to have to cut down the blogging to a manageable level, rather than a diary and at least one other item every day! It must be a lot to read anyway!

I hope from now on to update my food and exercise diaries (complete with commentary) around three times per week and post other articles at least twice on top of that. If I find I’m slipping, I’ll go back to the discipline of every day, as this is important to me and I intend to sustain it.

Cheers, IMD